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It is now day eight of the Tatton build and up till today it seems that we have been blessed with mighty fine weather; a bit of a novelty for this event as it is renowned for its inclement weather conditions. Despite the sun I still have a couple of perennials that are not quite in flower, the talking and fondling of foliage doesn’t seem to be helping either. They may not make the grade and will probably end up being sent back to the nursery as time is running out.

My beautiful new trees arrived yesterday after a heart-in-mouth moment earlier in the week when the original specimens arrived far far too tall. Six initial replacements didn’t make the grade either so the ordering of these new specimens and their arrrival in time yesterday was hugely critical. They are now planted, trimmed and all tweaked and I have to say they are looking great.

Planting has started, but today it is my mission to get it completely finished and with the worst sleep to date I’m heading in super early to get a head start. We’ve even been put on the ‘early list’ so we can actually get on site an hour early. I suspect the ‘Coleman event shelter’ will be worth its weight in gold today…we’ve positioned it over the garden so the work can carry on full steam ahead whatever the weather!

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